Amaha Tsubasa
"In fact, I was afraid of loneliness anytime..."
Kanji 天羽 翼
Rōmaji Amaha Tsubasa
Gender Male
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Birthday February 3
Blood Type AB
Height 185 cm
Weight 61 kg
Nationality Japanese
Personal Status
Occupation Student
Class 1st Year-Space Department
Club Student Council
School Seigetsu Academy
Relatives Mother (Mentioned)

Father (Mentioned)

Amaha Shino (Grandmother)

Amaha Eisora (Grandfather, Deceased)

Kinose Azusa

Anime Episode 3: Aquarius Part 1
Japanese Kenichi Suzumura
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Tsubasa Amaha (天羽 翼 Amaha Tsubasa) is a 1st Year student and is a member of the Student Council as a Treasurer. He also represents the Astrological Sign, Aquarius.

Character OutlineEdit

He is a first year at Seigetsu Gakuen. Immediately upon entry, he was convinced to be the Student Council Treasurer by Kazuki Shiranui (who was a former student of Tsubasa's grandfather). He is a very cheerful, energetic, and childish character. He is also a very talented inventor, although most of his inventions end up malfunctioning and exploding. Tsubasa also enjoys nicknaming people. For example, he calls Tsukiko Yahisa "Secretary", Hayato Aozora "Sorasora", and Kazuki "Nuinui". However, Tsubasa hides abandonment issues that stem from his rocky childhood. He is afraid of being seen as an annoyance and thrown away like he was in the past.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Tsubasa is very tall young man and has pale skin. He has intense light aqua-colored eyes and he has messy and violet hair which he often fastens his long bangs with a clip. He always has a pair of headphones around his neck and wears brown shoes.

Like the other characters, he wears the Seigetsu Academy Uniform which consist of white polo with the top button open and a loose, long, green necktie which notes that he's a 1st year, and black pants. He doesn't wear the Seigetsu Academy Jacket instead he wears a dark-grayish-blue with the upper sleeve cuffs colored in a more darker gray and violet. The lower end of the jacket is also colored in darker gray, green and violet.


As a young child, Tsubasa was abandonded by his parents after they divorced. His relatives often fought over who would take care of him since they thought of him as an unwanted burden. His love for inventing was also seen as troublesome and weird. However, his grandparents from his mother's side took him in and raised him with love and care. Tsubasa was especially involved with his grandfather, from whom Tsubasa picked up his unique laugh (nuhaha, nununu).

Later on however, his grandfather died. Tsubasa became depressed, and it was about that time he began to think that is best to never love at all than to lose something that is precious. His grandmother noticed that he was interested in the stars and enrolled him in Seigetsu Academy. However, because of his insecurities, he thought of it as her abandoning him like his parents and other relatives did.

During his childhood, he met Azusa, his cousin. At first, he thought of Tsubasa as odd, but soon after they became friends. Years have passed and they accidentally bump into each other on their first day at Seigetsu. They remain on close terms, with Azusa often looking out for Tsubasa and keeping him out of trouble. Curiously, Tsubasa does not give him a nickname and simply calls him "Azusa".

His FutureEdit

Tsubasa leaves Japan to study abroad in America. There, he often meets with Azusa Kinose and Yoh Tomoe.