Starry☆Sky ~After Winter~
After Winter
Game Information
Developer(s) HoneyBee


Publisher(s) HoneyBee


Platform Windows

PlayStaion Portable

Music Information
Opening Song Song 4 U
Released Date
Windows April 27, 2012
PlayStation Portable September 26, 2013
~After Autumn~ None →
Starry☆Sky ~After Winter~ is the last spin-off game of Starry Sky series and is where the special character Shiki Kagurazaka will appear. In order to play his route, the player must finish the other characters' route to unlock it.


Main CharactersEdit

Tsukiko Yahisa-

Tsubasa Amaha-

Kazuki Shiranui-

Hayato Aozora-

Shiki Kagurazaka-

Sub CharactersEdit

Oushirou Shirogane-

Ritsu Yukishiro-

Homare Kanakubo-

Ryunosuke Miyaji-

Azusa Kinose-

Inukai Takafumi-

Soujirou Shiranui- 

Ai Takanashi- 

Akito Aozora-

Hayate Aozora- 

Kanon Aozora- 

Shino Amaha- 



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