Oushirou Shirogane


白銀 桜士郎


Shirogane Oushirou



Blood Type



October 24


182 cm / 67kg

Astrological Sign



Junichi Suwabe



Character OutlineEdit

Similar to Homare, Oushirou is currently a 3rd year in the Astrology department. He is good friends with the all Student Council members, especially Kazuki. In their 1st year, Kazuki got seriously injured protecting Oushirou. While chatting with friends on the 3rd floor veranda, a friend jokingly pushed Oushirou while he was sitting on a windowframe. As he was about to fall out the window, Kazuki saved him in time. However, Kazuki ended up falling instead and was hospitalized for 2 months. Thus, when Kazuki was held back, Oushirou decided to be held back a year to stay with him.

Oushirou is a very playful and quirky person. Like Tsubasa, he likes to call people by nicknames. For example, he calls Tsubasa "Edison-kun", Hayato "Banchou", and Tsukiko "Madonna-chan". However, he calls Kazuki by his first name. He is also very passionate about photography and often sneaks in a few photos of the Student Council whilst they least suspect it.

Oushirou was born into a family of fortune tellers, but he is not interested in it. Instead, he is interested in becoming a reporter. However, his family did not support his decision and he was enrolled in Seigetsu Academy. He became rebellious and often skipped school. However, after befriending Kazuki, he started attending school regularly.


Oushirou has long and messy red hair tied into two braids. He is most often seen with a pair of goggles covering his eyes, although he does remove them on several occasions. While wearing the standard male uniform, he wears a blue ribbon instead of a blue necktie. As the photographer of the Newspaper Club, Oushirou also carries a camera with him wherever he goes.