Koharu Hoshizuki


星月 琥春


Hoshizuki Koharu




Kotarou Hoshizuki (younger brother)

Astrological Sign


Voiced by

Ai Orikasa

Character OutlineEdit

Kotarou 's older sister. When she was in middle school, her parents took in Iku and Yui Mizushima. Thus, they are like younger siblings to her. She is seen as a very mature and beautiful woman by the students. She holds a lot of authority over Kotarou and Iku and often bosses them around. She thinks Tsukiko is very cute and likes to coddle her, calling her "Ohana-chan".She becomes the chairman of Seigetsu Academy after her father, the previous chairman, retires. However, Koharu desires to study abroad, so Kotarou decides to takes on the position of chairman for her. She has no sense of direction and often gets lost in the school.


Koharu has long turquoise hair and light violet eyes like her brother Kotarou. 

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