Shiranui Kazuki
"Well...have I accomplished all to be done."
Kanji 不知火 一樹
Rōmaji Shiranui Kazuki
Aliases Nuinui (by Tsubasa)
Gender Male
Zodiac Sign Aries
Birthday April 19
Blood Type O
Height 178 cm
Weight 62 kg
Nationality Japanese
Personal Status
Occupation Student
Class 3rd Year- Hoshiyomi Department
Club Student Council
School Seigetsu Academy
Relatives Mother (Deceased)

Father (Deceased)

Shoujirou Shiranui (Uncle)

Ai Takanashi (Cousin)

Anime Episode 7: Aries Part 1
Japanese Yuichi Nakamura
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Kazuki Shiranui (不知火 一樹 Shiranui Kazuki) is one of the main characters of Starry☆Sky~in Winter~ and the spin-off game Starry☆Sky~after Winter~ as well as the President of the Student Council and he represents the Astrological Sign, Aries.

Character OutlineEdit

Kazuki is the arrogant President of the Student Council and a third year. He was held back in his first year due to injuries sustained from protecting Oushirou Shirogane after he almost falls out of a window on the 3rd story of a building. Kazuki ended up taking the fall instead and was hospitalized for 2 months, resulting in him being held back a year. He is a hot-headed and extremely charismatic person. He is also seen as a fatherly figure by the rest of the Student Council. 

Since he was young, he had the ability to see the future and because of that, he blames himself for being unable to prevent the death of his parents, who died in a car accident. After this, he was taken in by his uncle Soujirou. As he grew older, he often picked fights with other kids and one day, when he was outnumbered, Tsukiko Yahisa, at that time, an elementary student, came to his defense despite the fact that they were strangers. After this, they became good friends and would hang out at the Shinto shrine in which he was currently living along with Kanata Nanami and Suzuya Tohzuki. However, the bullies knew she was his weakness and decided to lock Tsukiko in one of the shrine storage rooms. She was not found until it was late into the night and was traumatized. When Kazuki finally found her, she was unable to speak. He decided it was best for her to forget him and everything that happened. After that, she passed out and when she woke up, she could not recall anything that involved Kazuki. Kanata and Suzuya decided that they would pretend Kazuki never existed, perhaps to keep her from remembering painful memories.

As President of the Student Council, Kazuki recruited Tsukiko Yahisa, Hayato Aozora, and Tsubasa Amaha as fellow Student Council members during their first years at Seigetsu. He foresaw the happy future they would have together and thus, personally recruited each of them.


Kazuki has grey hair and green colured eyes. He wears his glasses when doing paper work. He wears his school uniform with the jacket unbuttoned.