Kanakubo Homare
"Could you tell me you love my real self?"
Kanji 金久保 誉
Rōmaji Kanakubo Homare
Gender Male
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Birthday May 14
Blood Type O
Height 185 cm
Weight 64 kg
Nationality Japanese
Personal Status
Occupation Student
Class 3rd Year-Astrology Department
Club Archery Club
School Seigetsu Academy
Relatives Ayako Kanakubo (Mother)

Souan Kanakubo (Father)

Amane Kanakubo (Elder Sister)

Shirabe and Kanade Kanakubo (Younger Sisters)

Anime Episode 8: Aries Part 2
Japanese Soichiro Hoshi
Image Gallery
Homare Kanakubo (カナクボホマレ) is a potential love interest in the game Starry☆Sky ~In Summer~. He is the captain of the Archery Club, and a third year student at Seigatsu Academy. He represent the Astrological Sign, Taurus.


Homare is noted to have a slim body. His eyes are yellowish-brown and he has short, sky-blue hair with a parted, side-swept bang that allows his eyebrows to show.

He wears his uniform properly, with all of the buttons done up and his tie properly tucked into his jacket. Homare wears a kimono during tea time, a result of his upbringing as the eldest son of a family of tea makers.

Homare's other clothing includes a jacket with a open-collared long sleeve shirt and a pair of belted pants, as well as a trench coat. He wears his casual clothing the same way as he wears his uniform - properly pressed and folded.

His design sheet shows two colour schemes for his casual wear - a greenish brown jacket with a lilac coloured shirt, and a blue jacket with a cream coloured shirt.


Starry☆sky~.full.1007446 (1)

Homare with his two younger sisters.

Homare is friendly, gentle, and incredibly mature. He can sometimes come off as childish. He is a astrology student and performs foretellings.

He has three sisters - Amane, Shirabe and Kanade, whom he appears to be very close with. His experience with girls brings Tsukiko to compare him to a father or older brother multiple times during the game.

Homare often acts as a mediator when arguments take place between Archery club members Ryunosuke and Azusa. He cares greatly for the underclassmen who are a part of the Archery club, as well as the success of the club itself.

He is also prone to stress induced stomach aches.

He's also the greatest waifu in the entire series.

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