Kinose Azusa
"DESTINY?...I don't want to be bound by anything"
Kanji 木ノ瀬 梓
Rōmaji Kinose Azusa
Gender Male
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Birthday December 20
Blood Type AB
Height 166
Weight 51 kg
Nationality Japanese
Personal Status
Occupation Student
Class 1st Year-Space Department
Club Archery Club
School Seigetsu Academy
Relatives Amaha Tsubasa
Japanese Jun Fukuyama
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Kinose Azusa (木ノ瀬 梓 Kinose Azusa) is a First Year Student and a member of the Archery Club. He as well belongs to the 12 Constellations and represents the Zodiac Sign Sagittarius.

Character OutlineEdit

Azusa is a first year. He witnesses Tsukiko Yahisa’s archery and decides to join the archery club because of her, thinking of her archery as beautiful. Although he is a newcomer to the archery club, he has met Tsukiko during her first year and inspired her to become better at archery. He is cocky and confident of himself; while he declares himself as a natural genius. However, he is ,in fact, insecure of his abilities ,as he can't put his heart into anything. He encounters a slump right before the inter-high competition. Azusa often flirts with Tsukiko and his actions annoy Ryunosuke Miyaji a lot. But, they have a close relationship. He is Tsubasa Amaha’s cousin. In the future, he goes to America to study. He becomes the youngest person to ever become an astronaut, earning him worldwide fame.


Azusa has black hair and deep violet eyes. He has straight bangs covering his forehead and long hair. He also wears his japanese archery uniform during practice and wears his school uniform properly.